For all of you die hard listeners! Here’s a collection of skits, commercials, music, pictures, bloopers, things discussed on the show, etc…


Awesome listener/supporter and occasional guest on VA Radio, shows off his VA Radio SWAG!

Our very own, Andrew Dryden, poses "reluctantly" with some cosplay girls at Otakon



















Bob Bergen

WizFish Radio

Jerry Jones



Tongue Twisters!


Kyle Hebert

Kimlinh Tran


Voice Acting Club

Voice Acting Alliance


Red Harvest

Bob Bergen

Chris Niosi

Kira Buckland

Druox The Shredder

Mick Lauer

Kyle Hebert

Kimlinh Tran

Listener Submissions:

Violent Thrill (SirKillington)

Judgement: Pt. 1 (SeiyruRenaih-1st Place NG Voice Acting Contest 7)

Christmas 2012 (RicePirate-2nd Place NG Voice Acting Contest 7)

Worst Apocalypse Ever (TomStheVoice-3rd Place NG Voice Acting Contest 7)

Burnt Hair and Pickles (SirKillington-4th Place NG Voice Acting Contest 7)

Prescription VA Radio (Mr.Bipolar)


The Bank Robbery

A Bum’s Life

Who Gives a Damn?

Oil Change

The President’s Day Off

Frank and Phillipe

Welcome to McFatty’s

Ass Ninjas

The Zombies

Idiots on a Plane

“Death Row” By Bubba

The Little Boy Who Should Shut the **** Up

Mexican Apple Thief

Mush Mouth PSA

Heavy Metal Hotline

Bear in Da Woods

Imaginary Friend-in-a-box!

VA Radio’s “Story Time” Pt. 1



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