The Hosts

The Hosts of VA Radio

Josh- He has been voice acting in animations since 2007 and more recently has been professionally voicing in more commercial and narrative formats. Josh is also a writer and professional ginger. He is the owner of Golden Pipes Entertainment and its subsidiaries, Musser Voice Overs and Pens Are Mightier Publishing. He currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Gerri-lyn and daughter, Kiana. Check out other podcasts by Josh such as The Glitch and Uncivilized Behavior. Follow Josh on Twitter @JaShinYa

Bryson- The youngest host of VA Radio, this 17-year-old VA has been voice acting for online projects since 2009. He started out voicing for personal short clips that he did with friends, and moved on to do much better productions after getting more involved in the online amateur voice acting community. He is currently working on his voice acting in hopes of becoming a professional in the future.

Andrew- Just another host of VA Radio. He’s the newest to this whole voice acting thing and has hit the ground running. Doing his best to do his best at what he does…his best.

Other VA Radio Regulars

Jerry Jones-  Also known as MrBipolar. Jerry has been voice acting since 2009 scoring various professional commercial roles and online animations. He’s been a force to reckon with when it comes to supporting the show and comes on as a host from time to time!


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