#34: Criticize Me Good

This week on VA Radio: Jerry Jones from Uncivilized Behavior joins us in place of Bryson this week. We have a tough tongue twister, we talk about the position of your mic, a game show-esque cold read, a mining improv scene, big news updates for the show, and back to the future- lego edition.

Notey notey notes:

34 Notes



Tongue Twister of the Day
– Theodore Thistle threw three thorny thistles.
How many thorny thistles did Theodore Thistle throw?

Back to Basics
– Mic Position


Cold Read

– Gold mine- 49er, Crazy Evil Scientist, Southern Gentleman


Your Passion… Your Voice
– Changed Background
– Voice Acting Contest
– Fiverr
– Fundraiser

Weird news

-Jerry Plugs
-Andrew Plugs
-Josh Plugs
-Google +
-Tell Your friends
-Phone number



#22: Devil Dogs vs. Kandy Kakes

This episode: Impersonations, a review of the Samson C03U, why movie stars shouldn’t voice act for animals, an epic showdown of snack cakes and an interview with Chris Niosi ( AKA Kirbopher)!

#20: The Interrupting Josh

This week: How to approach your scripts, Taking criticism, a review of the Audio Technica AT2020 (XLR and USB), a ferryman stuck in a toilet, and guest host/interview with Druox The Shredder!