Merry Christmas!

Even though there’s no VA Radio during the holiday break, doesn’t mean you have to be sad! Spend time with your loved ones and be fat and jolly! Or sit in your house alone like a psychotic… whatever floats your yule log.

Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Capitalism, etc…!!!

VA Radio


#31: Your Passion…Our Tangent

This episode we go over what exactly IS voice acting, the Muppets movie, different voice over training classes, how the Mythbusters shoot a cannonball through a house and we interview Red Harvest!

#30: VA Radio Gets Porky

Sorry for the late episode, folks, but if you listen to this one you’ll know I have a good reason for it! This time we talk about cold reading, having “The Drive”, Adobe Audition, Fat insects and a super awesome interview with BOB BERGEN, voice of Porky Pig!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to let everyone know that VA Radio is on a Thanksgiving vacation! Episodes will resume as normal next week, and we’ll also be starting off with Bob Bergen’s interview this Saturday! Be there LIVE! Eat some turkey for all of us!

#29: God of Thunder

This episode: We have a special guest Thoran (AKA Sir Killington) in Bryson’s absence! We also talk about how to lose your inhibitions, how to build your portfolio, a few of the best voice acting villains, the recording program “Audacity” and a Dragon-Born child!

#28: Niche?

This episode: Mick Lauer (AKA Rice Pirate) and Jerry Jones (AKA MrBipolar) join Josh during Andrew and Bryson’s absence. However, Andrew did stick around so we could interview him! Also, we talk about the voice acting mentality, how to find your niche, the best VA roles, sound padding and a guy who collects dead bodies. All the time fun on VA Radio!

#27: Ba-Ding Chong!

This episode: We have a very special guest with us (just in time as Bryson is absent). We talk about “Spelunking”, how to deal with rejection, how important voice acting is to video games, blue microphones and a dog on an acid trip!