Fundraising Event!

Hello everyone! On Friday, the 24th at 10pm EST, We are holding a live fundraiser for Voice Acting Radio & Uncivilized Behavior! We’re having contests, trivia, giveaways, skits, live shows, music and more! Come this Friday even if you can’t contribute! It would also be a HUGE help if you could tell all your friends to come along. The bigger the audience, the more fun and the more it helps out the shows! 100% of the proceeds will go to making the shows better! To show up to the event, go to this link:

Be there or else we’ll sing the winnie the pooh song again. I mean it.


Merry Christmas!

Even though there’s no VA Radio during the holiday break, doesn’t mean you have to be sad! Spend time with your loved ones and be fat and jolly! Or sit in your house alone like a psychotic… whatever floats your yule log.

Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Capitalism, etc…!!!

VA Radio

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to let everyone know that VA Radio is on a Thanksgiving vacation! Episodes will resume as normal next week, and we’ll also be starting off with Bob Bergen’s interview this Saturday! Be there LIVE! Eat some turkey for all of us!

New Season Poll!

Hello all!

With this season coming to an end and a new one just a short time away, we’d like to get some feedback from all of you. What types of things would you like to see/hear in this next season? (You can vote for more than one thing) Also, if there’s something you don’t like about the show, let us know by putting it in a comment or emailing us at

Much Love!


We need YOUR help to improve current productions and to get others off of the ground! As you know, VA Radio is just one production of Golden Pipes Entertainment, so donations will be split among several projects. However, if you’d like it to go to VA Radio specifically, just add a message to your donation and we can certainly do that! Even if you can only afford $1, it helps! Go to this IndieGoGo orMicroGiving link to help out! There are perks for you all too! Or if you prefer, you may donate using the buttons on the side panel right here.

Thanks so much!

Voice Acting Contest!

VA Radio is sponsoring the 7th voice acting contest on! The top 4 places will be featured here on the show! (2 Each Episode) All you voice actor’s should stop by (sign up) and enter the contest!

In the future, we are planning on having different types of contests that are strictly for VA Radio! Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Bryson!

Our wittle bryson’s growing up so fast! He turned 17 today, so please wish him good tidings on his day of merriment!

Happy Birthday!


Andrew and Josh

PS: Everyone donate some chest hair for his gift! He’ll love it!