#26: Don’t Drink and Podcast

This episode: We go over the 3 voice types, What to do in a professional studio, some of the best and worst voice acting performances, audio interfaces, and millions of bees shutting down a highway.

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#25: Oh Bother…

Welcome to the first episode of season 2! This week on VA Radio: We get an email from John “Bleep”, The best times to practice voice acting, creating your vocal description, how tablet computers are useful, our favorite pro voice actors, and “sex education” by sesame street! Also, we have the 4th and 3rd place winners’ skits from Newgrounds 7th Voice Acting Contest with the Apocalypse theme!

New Season Poll!

Hello all!

With this season coming to an end and a new one just a short time away, we’d like to get some feedback from all of you. What types of things would you like to see/hear in this next season? (You can vote for more than one thing) Also, if there’s something you don’t like about the show, let us know by putting it in a comment or emailing us at voiceactingradio@gmail.com

Much Love!

#24: Super Classy Finale Surprise!

This week: It’s VA Radio’s season finale! We’ll have a 1 week break after this episode, but we’ll be back with even more awesomeness soon after! In this episode we go over some voice over pet peeves, our favorite voice over things, PETA’s new naughty website and we have fun calling a few people!

Also, keep an ear out for the Season’s mix of the best VA Radio moments. We will be releasing that between now and the start of next season!


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#23: Too Young for Toons

This week: We have an email and an audio skit from too awesome listeners! Also, we go over dubbing, DBZ movies on Nickelodeon, voice acting agents, vocal effects, and a vampire attack!

#22: Devil Dogs vs. Kandy Kakes

This episode: Impersonations, a review of the Samson C03U, why movie stars shouldn’t voice act for animals, an epic showdown of snack cakes and an interview with Chris Niosi ( AKA Kirbopher)!